Software and App development

One of the first companies in Italy to provide cloud-based business software, Limonta Informatica boasts over 20 years’ experience in the development of bespoke software and applications for the management of all business processes.

Limonta Informatica specialises in the implementation of software and applications for manufacturing, commercial and distribution companies.

Cloud and On-Premise software solutions

Our solutions are constantly updated and allow our Clients to have accurate control of their IT costs so they can concentrate on their core business. Limonta Informatica’s software can cover all areas of business management:

  1. Management 
    Functions to automate and streamline all the company’s management processes. Complete coverage of the main functional areas of a business: prototyping boards, data sheets, purchase management, sales management, logistics and warehouse, production, scheduling, quality and management control.
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  2. Production monitoring
    Specific MES solutions for data collection in real time from generic production machinery. Analyse the functioning and performance of machinery for different types of processing and different types of systems and machinery (looms, warping machines, coating machines, printing machines, dyeing machines, etc.).
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  3. PIM
    A platform for the lean management of photographic, technical and sales content relating to samples, products and collections. Conduct simple searches for similar products based on visual or technical characteristics. Share and display information on the most important on-line sales platforms in native mode.   
  4. CRM 
    Allows complete management of the transactions and relationships with Prospects and their Clients, offering useful functions both in the presale and post-sale phases. 
  5. Business intelligence 
    Limonta Informatica implements solutions for the analysis and querying of data in order to aid decision making in the different business areas. 
    Using QlikSense and QlikView’s analytics to aid decision making with the only platform which extends coverage to every team, process, application and device.
  6. Exhibition and mobile sales management
    Software which allows the optimal acquisition and management of orders both during exhibitions and when conducting mobile sales on behalf of the agents and the salesforce. Barcode and RFID tag scanning allows quick access to all your orders, significantly reducing the amount of manual operations and rendering the sales process more efficient.
  7. Finance
    Analyse, manage and optimise all your company’s administrative and accounting processes. Limonta Informatica implements heterogeneous solutions depending on a company’s specific requirements; from very simple solutions for a small number of users to international solutions more applicable for enterprise groups with more complex regulation and taxation needs.

Personalised software

Thanks to extensive experience gained through collaborations with different types and sizes of companies, Limonta Informatica creates personalised applications and software starting with understanding a company’s specific needs, in order to achieve the fluid, optimised management of every business process.

The teams’ technological skills guarantee the design and development of solutions for companies in any sector and of any size. 

The practical and functional knowledge of Limonta Informatica’s consultants allow them to identify and deal with our Client’s specific requirements.


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Development methods

Limonta develops software and applications using the most innovative and effective development methods, with the objective of guaranteeing a fluid work approach, quick delivery times and a top quality end product, in order to thoroughly satisfy Clients’ requests.


Limonta Informatica team’s primary focus is on the user: user experience, perceived user quality and satisfying the user’s needs. Continuous improvement of the functional and technological process behind the product are always the main objectives.   


Limonta Informatica is constantly committed to identifying the most suitable method for managing projects and increasing productivity. The basis of the approach is continuous interaction with the Client. Our aim is to guarantee a top quality service.


The workforce is made up of individuals with a high standard of specific skills in different project areas. Limonta Informatica uses methods and instruments aimed at achieving optimal communication between all the areas and people involved in the implementation of the various tasks.

Our services


Software and Apps

Personalised software and app development for the management of all business processes. Solutions are available both cloud-based and on-premise.


Websites and e-commerce

Creation of websites and e-commerce sites on WordPress, Magento or personalised platforms, which can be perfectly integrated with our ERP Lisa 2 or other project management systems.


Electronic mail

Solutions for the management of company email inboxes; implementation and development of projects on standard platforms or on highly personalised solutions.


Architecture and systems

Design, supply and implementation of system architecture: company infrastructure and servers, backup systems, firewalls and security.


Hosting Services

Hosting services on different platforms (Microsoft, Linux). Our Datacenter is structured to host solutions on IBM AS400 systems. Security, speed and assistance 7 days a week.


Intranets and Networks

Planning and realisation of local networks (LAN) via cable or wireless and telephone systems. Secure, personalised solutions for the needs of small businesses and large organisations.


Geographic networks

Supply and configuration of geographic networks (WAN) wired or wireless with relative back-up systems. ADSL, fibre optic, radio links, satellite and Wi-Fi connections.



Qualitative and quantitative research, plan of the navigation flows and wireframes; design and development of fast, intuitive interfaces.